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  • Manuscripts: prose (novels, short story, etc.), poetry, memoir, and more
  • Essays (note: Under no circumstance will I write your essays for you. I will, however, assist with editing, brainstorming, guiding/leading questions, outlining, organization, and any other part of the writing process)
  • Cover letters, résumés, and curriculum vitae (C.V.)


  • One-to-one private tutoring services (language arts/English proficient; inquire for other subjects)
  • Online tutoring (web/email based writing instruction/tutoring)


  • Press releases
  • Author/artist bios
  • Personal statement, letter of intent, career philosophy statement “coaching”

Rates vary based on services requested. Levels of editing include, but are not limited to: proofreading (e.g. basic corrections, typos, grammar), line by line editing (e.g. correcting syntax, line edits in poems, word choice, tone correction, rearranging scenes, etc.), consulting, critique/review, and even ghostwriting (except for essay/school work).

Please contact me by using the form below with any questions or for rate quotes.

Thank you!